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Craft Beer Tasting Kit - Set of 4

Craft beer tasting has become somewhat of an art that many a beer lover is keen too perfect. To become a pro, you need the right tools. This set of four tasting glasses gives you all you need to get started.  The beer-specific glass shapes support the beer in releasing its full spectrum of aromas, delivering them to the nose. 

Each tasting kit includes the following glasses:

  • Beer Tulip: Ideal for powerful stouts, Belgian style ales and pilsners, the beer tulip enhances the hop flavour in pilsner style beers while also supporting the malty character of bolder beers like strong stouts. The open mouth allows for an intense release of flavours.
  • IPA: Ideal for IPAs, this glass is designed to showcase the complex and alluring aromatic profiles of American hop forward IPA beers, while preserving a frothy head, and enhancing taste and mouthfeel.
  • Wheat Beer: Ideal for German wheat beer, Belgian white and wheat ale, the design of this tall glass accentuates the aromas and flavours naturally found in wheat beers. It is large in size, designed to hold volume and a fluffy head.
  • Blonde Lager: Ideal for pale lagers, ales and English strong ale, the shape and volume of the lager glass resembles those of a traditional pint glass. Being slightly wider at the mouth than at the foot, this glass balances the hoppy nose.
  • Non-lead Bavarian crystal, made in Germany
  • Dishwasher safe

These beer tasting glasses are made from high quality German crystal and are designed in collaboration with prominent breweries in the USA.


Beer Tulip: Capacity 440ml, Dimensions H 15cm x D 9cm

IPA: Capacity 540ml, Dimensions H 18.6cm x D 8.2cm

Wheat Beer: Capacity 700ml, Dimensions: H 23.8cm x D 8.1cm

Blonde Lager: Capacity 560ml, Dimensions: H 18cm x D 8.2cm