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Bigarade Jasmin Soap & Dish - Le Jardin de Fragonard

This beautiful sparkling, zesty fresh and intoxicating perfumed soap with beautiful patterned soap plate presented in a gorgeous gift box will delight and inthrall you. The plate makes a beautiful addition to your bathroom or can be used next to your bed to hold your jewlery once your soap is finished. The perfumed soap, Bigarade Jasmin brings to mind a Mexican garden cultivated with joy and a love for life. It sings in orange, yellow, green and pink. The bitter orange zings, the yellow of the bergamot bursts forth and the pink of the grapefruit awakens you. The edges of the woody, earthy notes of cypress, oakmoss and cedar are gently rounded by the sunny warmth of jasmine.

This beautiful 150g soap lathers like a luxury shower cream and is long lasting.