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Tout ce que J'aime - Mon Gingembre Perfume Candle 200g

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Tout ce que J'aime directly translates to All that I love and this range was created by the 3 female owners of fragonard based on their childhood memories and their love of travel. The Mon Gingembre candle & matching diffuser (My Ginger) is a refined fragrance, with natural essences of ginger, pepper and cinnamon creating an original ambiance.

Tip: To maximise the burning time of your candle, the first burn is the most important. Allow the wax to become completely molten on top, this may take a while. Blow out your candle and cover with the candle lid to protect and keep you wax clean. Always trim your wick tip between burns as this will allow your candle to burn evenly. Never burn your perfume candle for longer than 2 hours.